Netflix: Top 5 Lighthearted Shows


Hello, my name is J and I am a Netflix addict. Okay, there I said it. But who isn’t nowadays? Any avid, binge-prone Netflix junkie has faced this dilemma: should I watch this show right before bed? I mean watching a veterinarian re-attach T-Bag’s hand or Hannibal prepare his next meal may be tolerable during the day, but unless you want your dreams filled with Buffy fighting the Big Bad or Grimlocks stealing your site, a lighter option is desired. Let’s face it, if you’re anything like me, sometimes you just don’t want to watch anything too heavy or complicated. Well, I have a solution to your problem, here are my top 5 lighthearted, funny, easy to watch shows. You’re welcome *Sadie voice*

#5 That 70s Show


If you’re not afraid of Red’s foot going up your ass or Jackie’s backhanded compliments, then That 70s Show is for you. The short 20 minute episodes are light and funny, enjoy the 8 seasons of them. It’s not necessary to watch every single episode, even though I did, so if you fall asleep and miss a couple it’s all good. Although, I definitely don’t agree with everything said on this show, it is a good option for my fellow Netflix junkies, if you want to keep it light and fun.

#4 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


This is a story all about how this show will flip your life up-side down, so take a minute and lay down in bed, while I tell you about the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The episodes are 20 minutes long and easy to watch, but don’t worry it’ll take you at least a couple of days to binge-watch 6 seasons. The show provides lighthearted humour but also tackles real-life issues, like having an absent parent or struggling to find your place. Will Smith is an amazing actor and it’s hard to not fall in love with his character, so enjoy the late nights, or for us Netflixers early mornings, watching this show.

#3 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 


This show is fun, fresh and inspiring! Unfortunately there has only been 1 season so far and the episodes are only 20 minutes long, but it’s a must see. Kimmy is a positive, optimistic character, who you can’t help but love and laugh at. Since watching this show I have used the count down from 10 method in my life and it works! This show delivers a strong message while using a spectrum of diverse, unique characters, ultimately reminding you that anything can be overcome and that even the worse things in life don’t last forever.

#2 The Mindy Project


The Mindy Project brings forth a strong, hilarious female lead and will have you cracking up at 2 in the morning. I don’t think there has been a single episode that hasn’t cracked me up thus far. Danny’s hard, New Yorker attitude doesn’t last long as he soon reveals a very soft, momma loving side that’ll have you blushing. Don’t worry, although the main characters are Gynecologists the show doesn’t revolve around pregnancies and diseases. But it has however helped turn my frown upside down on many bad days! Episodes are 20 minutes long and the show is still running, Netflix currently has the first 3 seasons.

#1 Friends


January 2015 marked a very important moment in history: Friends was finally added to Netflix. You may pivot in your seat or have random urges to deep clean your home, but despite all that this show takes the number 1 spot in my heart. It’s funny, easy to follow, lighthearted and episodes are only 20 minutes long, but don’t worry you have 10 seasons worth of them. Just remember, when life gets hard Friends will be there for you.

*side note* this is my dysfunctional word so except anything from this blog. I’m a writer and express myself through my work, so what I produce really depends on my mood. Sometimes I will write something light, like this post and sometimes we will get a lot deeper, no pun intended. I’d love if you would follow me on this journey xo yourgirlj. 


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